Why Choose Us

We support white labelling

Capability to give the product on a white label basis which can be Re-branded. Typically suiting to big organisations which can extend these services within its own channel of distributors and Retailers, under their own banner.

You don’t have to buy excess capacity

All features, even with entry level plans. Full capability suite is available even with entry level plan. Helps users to optimise their expenditure vis-à-vis competition, where higher configuration is required to be procured in order to access certain key features.

We provide Unlimited channels

There is no restriction that we put on no. of channels that can be programmed by Users. This ensures that one can deploy as many agents to cater to the load during some identified days (promotion days / Festival days etc).

Professional voice prompts

We Customize call flow with professional voice prompts Multilevel call flow with user defined choices to offer their customers the most appropriate option depending upon their needs. The voice over prompts are studio recorded by professionals.

No Vendor locking

We are ethical – No Vendor locking; You can choose your own virtual number, making the services, provider agnostic. We bind our customers with great product and service support rather than binding him by giving a no. and making it practically difficult to switch even if he is unhappy with the rendered services, as in case of some of the other players available in the market.

Flexible plan tenures

We offer multiple tenure plans to suit your requirement Quarterly / Half yearly & Yearly plans are available for you to pick up the one that best suits your requirement.

API integration

We offer seamless API integration with your front end applications We can get your CRM/ SAP integrated with our services to offer a seamless experience to user with lot of real time statistics being made available for quick decision making.